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Motivation everywhere

Race certificates are for bureaucrats.
Footprinter Posters are for heros.

Remind yourself of your greatest achievements and let them cheer you up and on.

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Our posters are motivational

It's not just the final race that made your success. You struggled, you suffered, and you didn't die trying. Now it's time for your achievements to cheer you on!

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I enjoy recalling my peak performances. Months of exercise, endured aches and pains, and finished training sessions despite my weaker self dragging me back inside. And after all of that, it has always been worth the effort.

These memories motivate me time and time again. Our posters aim straight for the heart. I want you, too, to recall the moment of elation in your greatest achievements.

Be impressed with yourself! I wish you the best with the Footprinter products!



You go for a run, ride, hike, swim, or whatever.

Track your activity, e.g. with your smartphone or GPS watch.


Connect your Strava account and select your desired activity.

What's Strava? Don't worry, just upload your track as .gpx file.


Choose a layout, apply your colors, throw in your words.

Sit and relax, we've got the rest covered.

MarathonPhoto by vwalakte on Freepik.

New runner's highs

The marathon autumn 2022 is in full bloom! After Eliud Kipchoge's sensational world record in Berlin, London and Cologne also took place with thousands of hyped finishers.

In case you're one of them, you've already shown enough diligence, we'll take care of the track for you:

World's fastest marathon

A new world record, or "a new track record" as he called it, is what the man with the finest technique Eliud Kipchoge was aiming for. Whether it was that same goal or maybe just a little lowlier, you went all in for sure and wrote your own personal success story.

Keep you legs on the couch, in the ice water barrel or in those new fancy recovery pants: preparing the track for you is the least we can do: