Frequently Asked Questions

When you record your sport activity with your phone or watch, a GPX file is being created. It contains your waypoints as coordinates in intervals of just a few seconds. Depending on your device and other connected sensors (e.g. chest strap), information such as altitude or heart rate may also be appended.

    A couple of options, starting with the easiest:

    • You are a Strava user and have recorded your activity? Then go to "Load track" in the designer and log in with your Strava account. You can then simply select the activity with a click.
    • Did you record the track with another sports app or your GPS watch, e.g. Komoot, Garmin or Runtastic? You can download the GPX files from most providers. If it doesn't work in the app, then often at least on the website, e.g. at Garmin.
    • Was it an official event? Then have a look at the official event website, many organizers publish the track there.
    • If all else fails you can also use an online GPX builder (just google it) and create the file manually - costs some time, but works great.
    • None of the above was helpful? Then just contact us, we'd love to assist you:

    Sure, of course! The only requirement is a GPX file. We explain how you can get it 100% under "Where can I get the GPX file?".

      In the print creator, click "Load track". In the window that opens you will find the Strava Connect button, which will redirect you to the Strava website. There you have to grant Footprinter access to your activities. Make sure you tick all the boxes for the import to work.

      We only use the access to create the print and discard all loaded activities immediately. You can log out again at the same point via the logout or remove the permission directly from Strava. After that, Footprinter no longer has access.

        Since we are annoyed by cookie banners ourselves, the website is built in such a way that we can do without any 3rd party cookies. Even our analytics is self-hosted and does not require cookies. The only 3rd party cookies that are set are technically necessary cookies when paying with Paypal.

          We use resource-saving Agave paper from the Hahnemühle Natural Line, which is largely made of sisal. Sisal requires little water and grows quickly. Shipping is done with DHL GoGreen where possible.

            Quite simply, if you are not satisfied with the result, you get your money back. Legally we are not obligated to do so, but bad quality does neither suit us, nor you and must not happen.

            Just write us a short email and we will get in touch with you to do the reversal.